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Community Paving – Roads/Parking/Driveways Closed

May 12, 2023

Terrace Drive and Village Parkway – Roads will be closed for paving on 5/16. All driveways and parking spaces on Terrace Drive and Village Parkway must be cleared to protect cars from any flying debris. Please park as far away from this area as possible. The parking lot adjacent to the Village Square will be available.

Paving at Chambers Pointe – Paving behind the Renaissance is tentatively scheduled for the week of 5/16. Stay tuned for more information.

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Garden View Drive and Ridgeview intersection is now closed until end of 2022

November 9, 2021

Brookview: We previously closed the intersection of Gardenview Drive and Ridgeview at the beginning of the demo process, but opened it temporarily to continue to serve the community. It has come time now to close this intersection for construction services to begin in that area.

This intersection will be closed until Dec 2022 at which time the project should be ending.

Please do not drive on the grass to try and get around the barricades.

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Road Changes due to demolition of old BV Health Care Center 6/8 and beyond

June 8, 2021

Please click link below to view new traffic pattern for Brookview due to deconstruction

Menno Haven – rerouted traffic

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Road Closed week of 6/22/20

June 22, 2020

Attention Residents!

The intersection of Northgate Commons Road and Northfield Drive by the new Health Care Center—will be closed sporadically the week of 6/22.

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Closed Parking Area by Brookview Health Care Center

February 25, 2020

Road Closure: The south side of the current Brookview Healthcare Center will be closed for parking on March 4th and 5th while they conduct infiltration tests as part of the storm water management system. The street will remain open for access and drive thru traffic but we will be tearing up the parking area. The spaces directly adjacent to  the building are not affected and will remain open but these should be limited to visitors and short term parking. Spaces are available to the west behind the new 100’s are available.

Please refrain from parking in the test area. We will backfill the trenches so parking can resume on March 6th.

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Road Closure on Terrace Drive

August 19, 2019

Traffic will be restricted on Terrace Drive today and tomorrow between Scotland Avenue and Village Parkway due to the gas line project.  It will be  closed for the remainder of the day (8/19) until evening. They are trying to keep one lane  open tomorrow during the day.  Please use caution while driving throughout the Brookview Community.

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Road Closure/disruption on Chambers Pointe

July 29, 2019

Attention Residents!

Wilson College be having a crane delivered to their campus on July 31 and 11 large beam tresses delivered on August 1 to create the base for the new bridge.  The delivery trucks will be using the North entrance, traveling down past the Field House to the bridge.  The College is trying to limit vehicle travel on this road on August 1.

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Road Closure for 7/30 at Chambers Pointe

July 12, 2019

Wilson College shares that on Tuesday, July 30 (ALL DAY), there will be deliveries of large beams for their bridge construction coming by way of South Penn Hall Drive.

We will have South Penn Hall Drive open from Philadelphia Avenue to the Renaissance but from the Renaissance back the road will be closed. This will only be on Tuesday, July 30.

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Brookview Road Closure for 7/11-7/12

July 9, 2019

Thursday and Friday of this week the intersection at Village Parkway and Ridgeview will be closed for storm drainage installation. Weather permitting.

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Brookview Road Closure on 7/8

July 3, 2019


Please be advised that on Monday July 8th, we will closing the intersection of Ridgeview and Village Parkway for the installation of a storm line across the road. Work will continue until Wednesday however if rock is encountered, completion might get delayed until Thursday. Stay tune for updates!