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Road Closure for Gardenview on 4/9-4/11

April 8, 2019

Attention! Brookview road closure for Gardenview on 4/9 until 4/11 (Thursday) to finish up the sanitary main install for the 100 cottages.This will effect the section of Gardenview from cottage 144 and 142 cottages to the intersection of Gardenview and Ridgeview. Residents have been notified. This won’t have a negative impact on the parking or access to the 200 cottages.

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Brookview: Comcast onsite running cables

March 13, 2019

Comcast is on site running cable today to the new cottages. They have to make a splice to connect it and that will disturb cable to the cottages  south of the new 100’s Sage area for a period of time. This should only be for a limited time.

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Project GENESIS 11/19

November 19, 2018

Due to the current weather conditions, Fayetteville Contractors are unable to complete some of their previously scheduled work. Therefore they will be completing some blacktop work for us at CP and BV. There will be work done on North Penn Hall Drive near the Hudson intersection as well as the intersection near cottage 802 and near the back of cottage 808. They will also be working up near villa 1228 to repair a low area and the business office drive to install a raised cross walk. There will be some disturbance of traffic but there will not need to be any road blockage.

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Update to Road Closure

November 13, 2018

Please be advised that due to weather, at the memory care houses, the closing of Horst Ave for the installation of the water line that was set for this Thursday and Friday will happen now on Monday and Tuesday next week

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Road closure

August 27, 2018

The temporary “ramps” the contractor put over the new trench drain on Menno Haven Drive near Village Square have not stayed in place.  Security has blocked off the section of Menno Haven Drive between Village Parkway and the entrance to Village Square.  Traffic is again going to need to flow around the back of Village Square and Brookview Healthcare Center to get to the main entrances of these buildings.  Terrace Drive will be the best point of access to the campus.  Sorry for this inconvenience and hopefully the situation will be resolved tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.


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Ridgeview Drive Closing/Parking in Future

August 20, 2018

You will see erosion controls being placed throughout the community in the coming weeks. With this, Ridgeview Drive will be closed. Residents with parking along Ridgeview are aware and other accommodations have been made. As for the team member parking, we are working on an alternate parking area. Once more details are available, we will share.

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Business Parking Lot Closing

July 30, 2018

The business parking lot will be torn out on Thursday (8/2)  and access will be restricted

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Update on Phone Issues

July 2, 2018

Update! Century Link is working on the current phone issues we have experienced over the last few months. All work should be done by Thursday 7/5.

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Water Main Break On Brookview Community

June 13, 2018

There is a water main break near the 740 building on the Brookview community.  Terrace Drive (between Scotland Avenue and Village Parkway) will be closed until repairs are made later today.


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Terrace Drive Closure

May 1, 2018


Tomorrow between approximately 8-10 am, Terrace Drive between Scotland Avenue and Village Parkway will be shut down for West Penn Power to complete some pole work.